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The Institute for Public Service works hard to create new and creative opportunities for MSU Denver students looking to make a difference. Current and past students have found their niche in many different areas. To find opportunities at the Institute for Pubic Service, please explore MSU Denver’s Workday system.

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2024 Presidential Federal Interns

Student Fellows and Interns - MSU Denver (1)

Miguel Garcia, Political Science Major

2024 Presidential Federal Internship Service: Office of Senator John Hickenlooper

Miguel Garcia is a first-generation undergraduate student currently pursuing his bachelor’s in political science and a minor in philosophy at MSU Denver. In his first semester at MSU, Miguel has already become a part of the MSU Denver Mock Trial team. Raised in Aurora, CO, Miguel’s upbringing in a culturally diverse environment, marked by a strong sense of community and the presence of immigrant families such as his own, has significantly influenced his academic and professional aspirations. His overarching goal is to embark on a career in Public Service and Law, with a focus on advocating for and safeguarding the rights of immigrants and workers within his community. Miguel also has a passion for protecting the environment and hopes to find legal and legislative mechanisms to do so. Miguel is poised to bring a dedicated and informed perspective to the fields he aspires to contribute to.

Student Fellows and Interns - MSU Denver (2)

Isai Lozano, Social Work Major

2024 Presidential Federal Internship Service: Child Welfare League of America

Isai Lozano resides in Denver Colorado and is a first-generation college student. He struggled transitioning into the rigor college demanded of him but was able to push through by relying on his family and peers to support him. Ever since the Pandemic, Isai has seen the importance in community and community resources, and this has called him to pursue a social work degree in the hopes of one day working in Child welfare.

Isai has been recognized for overcoming hardship and for his academic achievements by being a recipient of the Reisher Scholar Program. This scholarship program has helped provide him with the proper guidance and has allowed him to commit more time to extracurriculars such as being a Residential Assistant on campus to gain first-hand experience and familiarity in cultivating and maintaining a community. Other pursuits such as an internship at the Denver Human Services has shown him the cogs in the machine that is child welfare. Experiencing this first-hand insight and by working under his superiors he has piqued an interest in macro social work. Isai wants more than to just help people, he wants to create meaningful foundations in their lives that will last them a lifetime.

Student Fellows and Interns - MSU Denver (3)

Denny Palacios, Political Science Major

2024 Presidential Federal Internship Service: Office of Senator Michael Bennet

Denny Palacios is a non-traditional student in her third year at MSU Denver. As an immigrant who has called Denver home for the past twelve years, Denny has focused the lens of her studies in policy and history studies on the Mexico-USA drug trade relationship. During her time at MSU, Denny has truly committed to life on campus. Her identities as current co-chair for The Student Advocacy Council (Student Government), the lead Student for Model United Nations, a full-time student, and a part-time job holder grant her an understanding of the particular complexity of being a MSU Denver student.

Her insight as a previous ESL Paraprofessional, merged with her current experience as a First-Generation Political Science student and Political Theory teaching assistant, have revealed the profound impact policy and access to quality education have on individual lives and communities. Denny seeks to pursue a career on educational law or as a professional higher education academic.

Student Fellows and Interns - MSU Denver (4)

Mary Preston, Political Science Major

2024 Presidential Federal Internship Service: Public Religion Research Institute

In moving to Denver from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and pursuing a journey through undergraduate academia at two of three Auraria institutions, Mary has come to appreciate the community that has embraced her. She understands that folks have an obligation to give what they can to the city that gives them what they need, and simultaneously recognizes that there are discrepancies in achieving favorable conditions for all neighbors.

Mary has a vision of achieving justice in our growing city through equitable and sustainable development. She has a vision that everyone will have access to a safe and fair job opportunity, a way to get to that job without dependence upon a personal vehicle, and an affordable house with a fridge full of food to come home to at the end of every shift. Through collaboration among community members and cooperation among community leaders, Denver can become an exemplary city where everyone is housed, moving, and fed.

2024 Public Service Fellow

Student Fellows and Interns - MSU Denver (5)

Flynn Condit, Political Science Major

Flynn Condit is a rising senior studying international political science and minoring in journalism. With a background in graphic and interactive development, design and communications, Flynn is inspired by the shared values we all share despite our distance and differences. Born in Los Angeles, raised in Houston, and now residing in Denver, Flynn has learned how to communicate across many different cultures and languages. On this mission to unite people around a common cause, he has visited over 30 countries, and has done international photojournalism in over 6 countries. His latest project is on development in post-Soviet spaces in non-European member states of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). He speaks Russian and French conversationally, he has working proficiency in Spanish, and can read at a basic level in German.

His area of focus is human rights and international diplomacy. Previously, he has worked at the Colorado Department of Transportation as a Digital Communications Intern, as a User Experience and Content Design Intern at Givelify, as a Communications Intern at Clean Water Action, and has worked with clients in the past doing freelance web design.

2024 Colorado Science and Engineering Policy Fellow

Student Fellows and Interns - MSU Denver (6)

Dominique Garcia, Political Science Major

CSEP Fellowship

Dominique Garcia was born in Chile and moved to the United States at the age of nine. As a first-generation student, she is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in environmental science with a certificate in water studies at Metropolitan State University Denver. Growing up in Chile instilled in her a strong sense of community and resilience, inspired by the hardworking women in her life.

Dominique has always been passionate about education and its power to help others. She currently serves as the vice president of the Tri-Institutional Chemistry Club. In 2023, she joined Colorado River Watch, a volunteer program dedicated to testing and monitoring river water quality where she has further cultivated her interest in water conservation.

Her experiences have led her to a clear career path in water conservation. Dominique aims to collaborate with legislators to develop water laws that benefit both people and the environment. She also aspires to work in consulting and remediation to deepen her expertise in the field.

2024 International Fellow

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Student Fellows and Interns - MSU Denver (2024)
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