Manager of Student Support Services, College of Health & Human Sciences - Denver, Colorado, United States job with Metropolitan State University of Denver | 37678076 (2024)

College of Health and Human Sciences

About the University

MSU Denver enrolls over 16,000 students, where nearly 60% are firstgeneration and over 55% are students of color. Located in downtownDenver, we are a designated Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) and theonly Seal of Excelencia certified institution inColorado. As the third largest institution of higher education inColorado and the only institution with an open access mission, MSUDenver is a model university for today’s college students. TheUniversity serves the most diverse undergraduate student populationin the state, as well as the most first-generation students andDeferred Action for Childhood Arrivals students. Qualifiedcandidates who have experience working with students from diversebackgrounds and a demonstrated commitment to excellence inteaching, student advising, scholarship, and service in aninclusive and diverse environment are encouraged to apply.

About the College of Health and Human Sciences

The College of Health and Human Sciences (CHHS) embracesinclusivity and an orientation to lifelong learning to preparediverse students for interculturally competent practice, research,and leadership in their disciplines. Through collaboration andengagement with the community and one another, faculty, staff, andstudents lead transformative and justice-oriented endeavors tosecure the health and well-being of people and theircommunities.

The CHHS serves about 4,500 undergraduate and graduate studentsacross 8 academic departments and the Health Institute. For moreinformation, please visit:

Position Summary

The Manager of Student Support Services works across a complexsystem to communicate, organize, and lead student support servicesacross the CHHS to include academic advising, peer mentoringprogramming, and strategic enrollment management efforts. TheManager reports to the Assistant Dean for Enrollment and Operationsand serves on an integrated and collaborative team.


Student Support Services (50%)

  • Supervises and oversees the daily operations of a team ofprofessional Academic Advisors, the Recruitment and RetentionCoordinator, and provides oversight of the CHHS Advising Office, toinclude a team of student employees.
  • Provides leadership in a complex decentralized system to ensureundergraduate and graduate student support services within CHHS arein alignment with the CHHS Strategic Plan, have adequate resourcesto be effective, and are integrated and collaborative.
  • Explores, identifies, and implements/revises effective wraparound student support services at the direction of the Deans’Office.
  • Provides oversight and training of mentors in the CHHS PeerMentoring Program.
  • Leads training efforts of both faculty and staff on the use ofadvising tools and effective advising strategies.
  • Partners with the Health Institute to strengthen and integratewrap around student support services provided to students.
  • Oversees and updates advising resources and information toinclude websites, written communication, and other student-facingresources.

Enrollment Management Strategies (40%)

  • Actively participates in the development and implementation ofthe CHHS Strategic Enrollment Management Plan.
  • Analyzes institutional and nation-wide data to inform strategicenrollment strategies and efforts.
  • Manages a complex student communication plan designed incollaboration with Enrollment Management, CHHS Departments, theHealth Institute and others to increase enrollment andretention.
  • Collects college level data to track strategic enrollmentoutcomes.

Other Duties as Assigned (10%)

Required Qualifications

  • Supervision experience
  • At least 3 years of academic advising experience in highereducation
  • Demonstrated leadership experience of projects, tasks, and/orinitiatives
  • Bachelor’s degree

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience supervising a team of at least 5 professionals
  • Experience supervising academic advisors
  • Experience analyzing complex data to inform strategic decisionmaking
  • Master’s degree in higher education, leadership, or relatedfield
  • Experience with Workday, Banner, and/or Navigate

Salary for Announcement

This position is a pay grade 17 with a full salary range of $54,900- $82,400. The anticipated hiring range is $65,000 - $75,000. Thesalary of the finalist selected for this role will be set basedupon a variety of factors, including but not limited to, internalequity, education, experience, specialty and training.

MSU Denver offers excellent benefits that include medical, dental,retirement, tuition benefit, free RTD pass, and more. For a briefoverview of these options, please see:

How to Apply

Complete applications received by July 24, 2024 at 11:59 PM MSTwill receive full consideration, but applications will be acceptedafter this date. Interested applicants must apply online at MSUDenver's career site,, and search for JR102185. Internalapplicants must apply through their MSU Denver Workday profile viathe Jobs Hub.

Applications must include the following documents:

1. Resume

2. Cover letter describing relevant job experiences as they relateto listed job qualifications and interest in the position

Official transcripts will be required of the candidate selected forhire.

Closing Date

Open Until Filled

Posting RepresentativeTanya Rogowsky

Posting Representative


MSU Denver is pleased to offer our current and potential employeesa wide array of benefit options. To learn more, please visit thefollowing link:

Employee Benefits Offerings

The University will provide reasonable accommodations to applicantswith disabilities throughout the employment application process. Torequest an accommodation pursuant to the Americans withDisabilities Act, please contact the Human Resources ADACoordinator at .

Diversity Statement

Metropolitan State University of Denver is a unique,access-oriented campus community that values diversity, equity, andinclusion in all its forms. Our student population consists ofnearly 58% first generation students and over 50% students ofcolor. We are a designated Hispanic Serving Institution located indowntown Denver.

We create an equitable learning and working environment in concertwith individuals who consistently demonstrate commitment to equityand inclusion. We greatly value the diverse identities andperspectives of our students, faculty, and staff and recognize thatin order to achieve a just and equitable society, diversity must gobeyond simple representation. It requires critical inquiry anddialogue and a commitment to action. We strive to provide a cultureof belonging for all community members to achieve personal andprofessional success.

Manager of Student Support Services, College of Health & Human Sciences - Denver, Colorado, United States job with Metropolitan State University of Denver | 37678076 (2024)
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