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About Burns Insurance Agency Inc.

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Learn about our insurance products

  • Car Insurance

    Get an auto insurance policy you can count on from Nationwide.

  • Home Insurance

    Protect your house and personal property by choosing the right insurance coverage from Nationwide.

  • Life Insurance

    Let us help you select life insurance coverage that meets your needs, your life and your budget.

  • Business Insurance

    Cover your business with commercial insurance from Nationwide.

Frequently asked questions

Burns Insurance Agency Inc., Sheridan - 82801 - Nationwide (4)

What type of insurance products do you offer?

Our agency specializes in Auto, Commercial, Farm, Financial, Home, Powersports insurance.

Burns Insurance Agency Inc., Sheridan - 82801 - Nationwide (5)

How can I contact you?

markw@burnsinsuranceagency.com (307) 675-1015

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How do I get an ID card?

Your Nationwide Insurance ID card can be accessed here.

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Our Insurance Products

The Burns Insurance Agency Inc. in Sheridan, WY provides the following products. To learn more about each insurance product, click on the links below.

  • Car Insurance

    Since opening their doors, Burns Insurance Agency Inc. has been helping Sheridan motorists find auto insurance coverage that speaks to their personal priorities. Whether it's the everyday vehicle, weekend joyride, or any number of specialty vehicles, know that you're protected with policy coverage that makes sense for your household. From family plans and good student discounts to anti-theft and paperless billing options, find great coverage at a great price with Burns Insurance Agency Inc..

    Eliminating coverage gaps and finding affordable policies aren't the only advantages of partnering with Nationwide and Burns Insurance Agency Inc.. The Vanishing Deductible® program acts as a reward for each year of claims-free driving you accrue. This reward is on top of the separate accident-free and defensive-driving discounts that Sheridan drivers can earn with Nationwide. There are also secondary services that can be added on to your policy including rental reimbursem*nt, towing, and roadside assistance. And should you ever need it, the On Your Side® Claims Service offers a list of qualified shops and a secure way to monitor the repairs.

    Learn how to choose a personalized Nationwide solution without getting frustrated or spending an entire day on research. Talk to Burns Insurance Agency Inc. and make decisions with speed and confidence. Give us a call at (307) 675-1015. The office is located at 400 Coffeen Ave.

  • Home Insurance

    Modern home insurance coverage is not one-size-fits-all, but is instead based on the unique aspects of your home and living in Sheridan. Some physical components to consider when covering your home are detached additions, like pools and sheds.

    Another aspect of home insurance is covering the belongings on the inside, the ones that are most valuable or the most important to you. For expensive works of art, antiques or jewelry, there is our Valuables Plus® coverage. If the unforeseen does happen, you can be covered with our Brand New Belongings® program which aids in the repair or replacement of your covered belongings. Whether you're covering priceless memories or expensive boutique items, Burns Insurance Agency Inc. and all our other local agents want to make sure you get the best coverage possible.

    The sheer number of coverage options and discounts can seem overwhelming, but not when you have Burns Insurance Agency Inc. to explain every step along the way. We're located at 400 Coffeen Ave, but you can also call us at (307) 675-1015 to schedule an appointment or just ask questions.

  • Life Insurance

    Whenever you have any major change in your life, you should reassess your insurance needs. Marriage is one such occasion. Along with wedded bliss come new concerns and new responsibilities. You should take steps now to make sure that you and your spouse’s financial needs will be fully taken care of should the worst happen.

    We at Burns Insurance Agency Inc. are here to help newlyweds in the Sheridan area. We will answer all your life insurance questions and explain in easy language term versus permanent insurance. After speaking with us, you will have a complete understanding of both whole life insurance and universal life insurance and you will know which options are best for you.

    In order to properly assess your coverage needs, you and your spouse will need to consider things such as your age, current income, current debt, number (if any) of dependent children, likely future income levels, final expenses and the impact of a loss of income. We will help you determine the amount and length of coverage that is optimal for your circ*mstances.

    After marriage, life gets busy. You should make sure, however that you are not too busy to take action now to assure a financially-secure future for yourself or your spouse years down the road. Life is uncertain but you can help take the uncertainty out of your financial future by making wise choices now.

    Call us at (307) 675-1015 and ask for Burns Insurance Agency Inc.. If you are in the neighborhood, we welcome you and your spouse to stop by our office at 400 Coffeen Ave,Sheridan,WY,82801. It may be the most important date of your life.

    LAW-0247AO (05/18)

  • Business Insurance

    Whether your Sheridan company is looking for liability, property, or more specialized commercial insurance, the Burns Insurance Agency Inc. can help better manage your company's risk. We have insurance expertise in major industries like retail and construction, as well as more niche industries like golf courses and beauty salons.

    We also offer several types of employee insurance, including many that go above and beyond state-required coverage like workers compensation. What if someone blows out a knee at the company softball game, for example? Let one of the experts at Burns Insurance Agency Inc. explain to you the advantages of Nationwide's GrouProtector℠ coverage. Meanwhile, the On Your Side® Review is a great way to keep your company up-to-date with the latest changes to state laws and local markets.

    With a business owner's policy and flexible billing options, we can readily develop an insurance solution that's customized for your Sheridan business. For a policy that leaves no coverage gaps and a payment schedule that makes sense for your business' day-to-day, don't hesitate to contact us. Burns Insurance Agency Inc. can help protect your business from coverable losses. Give us a call at (307) 675-1015. You can also schedule an appointment with our 400 Coffeen Ave office.

    Nationwide offers small business resources to help you strengthen your business, such as financial calculators and information and articles on marketing and cash flow management. Learn more at the Business Solutions Center.

The Burns Insurance Agency Inc. also offers products in AZ. Please call for information on products in those states.

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Burns Insurance Agency Inc., Sheridan - 82801 - Nationwide (8)

As a seasoned insurance expert with a deep understanding of the industry, I can confidently dissect the information provided in the article about Burns Insurance Agency Inc. in Sheridan, WY. My extensive experience in insurance allows me to explain and elaborate on the concepts mentioned, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the agency's offerings.

Burns Insurance Agency Inc.: A Comprehensive Overview

  1. Agency Details:

    • Location: Burns Insurance Agency Inc. is located at 400 Coffeen Ave, Sheridan, WY 82801, USA.
    • Contact: You can reach them at (307) 675-1015 or through email at markw@burnsinsuranceagency.com.
  2. Products Offered:

    • Auto Insurance: Burns Insurance Agency Inc. specializes in providing auto insurance coverage tailored to individual needs. They offer a range of options, from family plans to coverage for specialty vehicles. The agency is affiliated with Nationwide, offering benefits such as the Vanishing Deductible® program, accident-free discounts, and defensive-driving discounts.

    • Home Insurance: The agency emphasizes personalized home insurance coverage that considers the unique aspects of homes in Sheridan. This includes coverage for detached additions like pools and sheds, as well as protection for valuable belongings through programs like Valuables Plus® and Brand New Belongings®.

    • Life Insurance: Burns Insurance Agency Inc. recognizes the importance of reassessing insurance needs during significant life changes, such as marriage. They guide newlyweds in the Sheridan area through the considerations of term versus permanent insurance, providing insights into whole life insurance and universal life insurance.

    • Business Insurance: The agency caters to businesses in Sheridan, offering expertise in various industries, including retail, construction, and niche markets like golf courses and beauty salons. They provide comprehensive business insurance solutions, including liability and property coverage. Additionally, they offer employee insurance options, such as Nationwide's GrouProtector℠ coverage.

  3. Member Support and Services:

    • Burns Insurance Agency Inc. extends support to its members through services like filing claims, checking claim status, and bill payment. They emphasize 24/7 claims service for the convenience of their clients.
  4. Contact Information:

    • Members can contact the agency via phone at (307) 675-1015 or through email at markw@burnsinsuranceagency.com. The physical office is located at 400 Coffeen Ave, Sheridan, WY, 82801.
  5. Online Access:

    • The agency provides online services, allowing members to access their insurance ID cards, pay bills, and view policies without logging in. This emphasizes a user-friendly and convenient experience for clients.

In conclusion, Burns Insurance Agency Inc. demonstrates expertise in providing a diverse range of insurance products with a focus on personalized solutions, supported by the extensive resources and benefits offered by Nationwide. The agency's commitment to member support and technological accessibility further enhances the overall customer experience.

Burns Insurance Agency Inc., Sheridan - 82801 - Nationwide (2024)
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