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  • Bootstrap new apps with CLI
  • Incorporate 70+ UI components
  • Manage large data sets
  • Bind UI to real-time data
  • Customize via ThemeBuilder
  • Target desktops and mobile devices
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Copy and Paste High-Impact UITemplates

With DevExtreme, you don’t need to waste energy on conventional Angular UI/UX patterns. Our UI Template gallery includes responsive Angular UI templates for numerous usage scenarios for today’s modern business web applications.

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Quickly Create Your Next Great AngularApp

DevExtreme allows you to focus on business requirements rather than initial boilerplate code. Our interactive CLI tool is built atop Angular CLI. Create new responsive Angular applications with navigation menu/authentication forms via a single CLI command.

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Your Goals, OurMission

Master concepts with our detailed help topics, code examples, and demo gallery. Believe it or not, our online demo gallery includes more than 450 interactive task-based Angular demo projects.

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Meet Deadlines and OvercomeObstacles

We are here to help.
We will do our best to answer your support questions in a timely manner and make certain to meet and exceed expectations.


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70+ Angular UI Components

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Angular Data Grid

Responsive Angular DataGridComponent

Allow end users to manage/edit information as business requirements dictate. The blazing-fast DevExtreme Angular Data Grid includes a variety of data shaping/data editing options.

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Angular TreeList

Tree View and List ViewHybrid

An intuitive and easy to use widget that combines the power of a traditional Grid and a TreeView in a single Angular UI component.

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Angular Forms & Editors

Responsive Form Layout Component and a Comprehensive Suite of DataEditors

Our responsive Angular Form component will help you address your toughest UI challenge and deliver elegant data forms without tedium. Take advantage of automatically generated editors based on your data structure or customize the layout as needs dictate.

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Angular Charts & Gauges

Interactive High-Performance Data VisualizationComponents

Our Angular Chart library includes a rich collection of high-performance data visualization components for analytics and business intelligence needs. It includes 30+ chart types and refined gauge widgets, with real-time update support.

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Angular Components - DevExtreme Angular (15)

Angular Pivot Grid

Multi-Dimensional Data Analysis MadeEasy

Our Pivot Grid ships with an optimized client side data engine that can process up to 1,000,000 records on the fly directly inside the browser.

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Angular Scheduler

A Sophisticated JavaScript SchedulerComponent

Our feature-complete and responsive Angular Scheduler component allows users to manage data across different time zones and manage events as needs dictate. The library includes a comprehensive set of built-in views (day, week, month, etc).

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Angular Components - DevExtreme Angular (18)

Angular File Manager

Manage Your Local, Remote and Cloud FileSystems

DevExtreme File Manager and File Upload components help you organize files and folders with ease. Users can upload files using drag-and-drop or via an integrated web browser dialog.

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Angular Mapping

Google, Bing, and VectorMaps

The DevExtreme Map components allows you to incorporate interactive maps within any Angular app. Our Map component can use different providers and data sources.

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Angular Components - DevExtreme Angular (20)

Angular Rich Text Editor Our Angular Rich Text Editor ships with HTML, markdown and collaborative editing support. Angular Gantt Create Angular-based project/task management apps at the blink of an eye. Angular Diagram The DevExtreme Angular Diagram allows you to visualize workflows, organization structures, and data relationships in any Angular-powered web/mobile app.

70 + Angular Components

Data Management and Analysis

Angular components for data management and information analysis.

Data Grid Pivot Grid Gantt Tree List Diagram Scheduler

Forms & Editors (Data Editing)

Angular components for form design/layout and data editing.

New Date Range Box Validator Autocomplete Calendar Check Box Color Box Date Box Drop Down Box Html Editor Number Box Select Box Switch Tag Box Text Area Text Box Form Field Set Filter Builder Radio Group Range Slider Slider Map

Data Visualization

Angular components for data visualization and charting.

Funnel Chart Pie Chart Polar Chart Sparkline Bar Gauge Linear Gauge Bullet Range Selector Tree Map Circular Gauge Map

Layout & Navigation

Angular components for form layout and app navigation.

Drawer Map Menu MultiView Tab Accordion Tab Panel Toolbar Tree View Tile View Box Responsive Box Scroll View

Actions & Lists

Angular components for interactive UI design.

Action Sheet Button Context Menu Drop Down Button Button Group Floating Action Button Gallery List

Dialogs & Notification Panels

Angular components for real-time notifications and instant UI feedback.

Load Indicator Load Panel Popover Popup Progress Bar Toast Tooltip

Best-in-Class Cross Platform Component Suite

Visual Studio Reader’s Choice Awards

Download our free trial today and see why your peers consistently rate DevExtreme the best-in-class.

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Best-in-Class Support

Code with confidence

Our objective is to help you address business requirements in the shortest possible timeframe. Your peers routinely tell us that DevExpress Support is second-to-none.

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Angular Components - DevExtreme Angular (2024)
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