20 Halloween Zombie Recipes (2024)

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These awesome Halloween Zombie Recipes are sure to be a huge hit this year! Everyone loves food that’s spooky, fun, or playful. You’ll find all sorts of terrific zombie food ideas that will get the party started. There is no more searching the internet for the perfect Halloween treats, because I have the ultimate list all compiled for you in one easy spot.

20 Halloween Zombie Recipes (1)

20 Spooky & Creepy Halloween Zombie Recipes

Seriously, your friends aren’t going to believe you made all of these treats. They will think they were bought because they look so amazing. I love to have Halloween parties and surprise all the guests with my creepy food. They always squeal with excitement when they see what I come up with each year.

What Should I Do To Get Ready For Halloween?

If you arent’ sure what you should do to get ready for Halloween, I want to help you out. Here is a list of things you should to be prepared for the big day.

  • Pick your costumes – This may seem like a no-brainer, but having your costumes picked is often the last thing people do. Figure it out early if you have time to save you a headache later.
  • Decide on treats – You are already taking a great first step in picking out your favorite zombie-related treats. Pick a few that you want to serve and make a practice run if you have time.
  • Hang decorations – If you are putting up decorations, start planning early. Plus, you can find some really great deals on discounted items the day after Halloween for next year.
  • Get paper goodsYou will want plenty of plates, silverware, and cups for your party. Go with inexpensive paper goods, so clean-up is much easier on you.
  • Gather some candy for the kids – Make sure to have a big bowl of candy to hand out to all the trick-or-treaters.

You'll love these scream-worthy 20 Halloween Zombie Recipes for your parties this year. They are so much fun and everyone will enjoy them.

20 Halloween Zombie Recipes (2)

Photo Credit:nerdymamma.com

Zombie Brain Jello Dessert

You've never had jello that's this scary before! It's a blast to watch everyone cut into it and eat it!

20 Halloween Zombie Recipes (3)

Photo Credit:leftbraincraftbrain.com

Rice Krispy Treat Brains

These are the cutest, creepy brains I have ever seen. They tastes great too!

20 Halloween Zombie Recipes (4)

Photo Credit:www.skiptomylou.org

Zombie Brain Truffles By Make Bake Celebrate

If you love truffles, you need to try these zombie brain truffles. They are easy to make and everyone will go wild for them.

20 Halloween Zombie Recipes (5)

Photo Credit:www.thetwobiteclub.com

Zombie Brains Cheese Ball

You can't have a party without a zombie brain cheese ball! It looks so awesome and tastes great too.

You have never tasted a brain that is so delicious before. It's a crowd-pleasing Halloween treat everyone needs to try.

20 Halloween Zombie Recipes (8)

Photo Credit:www.simplisticallyliving.com

Zombie Eye Deviled Eggs

These deviled eggs are the same as grandma used to make. They are creepy and dripping with fake blood.

20 Halloween Zombie Recipes (9)

Photo Credit:totallythebomb.com

Make Your Own Zombtini

If you've never heard of a zombtini, then now you are in luck. Your party just got a whole lot more exciting.

20 Halloween Zombie Recipes (10)

Photo Credit:whoneedsacape.com

Wicked Zombie Trifle

This wicked zombie trifle is so good, you are going to want seconds. The only problem is that everyone will gobble it up so fast you may not get any.

Who doesn't want to munch on the finger of a zombie? Sounds pretty tasty if you ask me.

20 Halloween Zombie Recipes (12)

Photo Credit:www.hellowonderful.co


These zombie eyeball cookies don't just look awesome, they taste great too. There won't be a morsel leftover.

Serve these cupcakes with glass shards and your friends will be highly impressed.

20 Halloween Zombie Recipes (14)

Photo Credit:extremecouponingmom.ca

Deliciously Dead Zombie Cupcakes

I know these zombie cupcakes are meant to be scary, but I think they look pretty cute. I love the bright green with the eyeballs and brains.

Make a super creepy graveyard for your Halloween party and everyone will rave about it.

The kids and adults will enjoy eating this creative treat idea. It looks like there is an actual zombie hand reaching out the top.

If you want to gross your friends out while giving them a fantastic treat idea, this zombie snot is the way to go.

20 Halloween Zombie Recipes (18)

Photo Credit:foodfolksandfun.net

Zombie Bait Chex Mix

This stuff is so addictive you'll want to eat it for breakfast the next day too. Yummy!

20 Halloween Zombie Recipes (19)

Photo Credit:www.shakentogetherlife.com

Zombie Halloween Dessert Nachos

Nachos are always a hit a parties, but dessert nachos are even better. These are sweet, delicious, and frightening.

20 Halloween Zombie Recipes (20)

Photo Credit:www.findingzest.com

Bloody Popcorn with Bones for Halloween

This simple treat makes a huge impact on your Halloween party food table. It will get the excitement started for sure.

20 Halloween Zombie Recipes (21)

Photo Credit:www.bigbearswife.com

Vampire Hot Chocolate #TheHalloweenProject

Hot chocolate never tasted so good. Plus, the presentation is completely perfect for Halloween.

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20 Halloween Zombie Recipes (2024)
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